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Doing things solo #2

September 12, 2009

My solo activity of the week, the Tweed Ride.  Dress up like a Brit and ride from English pub to English pub on your bike.  Brilliant!  Started at the Globe at 1pm, then to a Polish bar where they gave out free polish sausage, then to the Handlebar by 4pm.  This is where I had to peel off to clean for tonight’s party, after hosting 30 people last night.  They’re going to a few more places until they end up in Lincoln Square for German Fest.  About 30 in the group.  Surprised how many people dressed up.  Bonus of the day – actual Brits!!  Including one who came up to me and said, “Are you Saya?”  Turns out he saw my Pecha Kucha presentation.  Fun outing, though I wasn’t as social as usual due to playing host last night.  Friendly group, would do it again.  Totally an activity one can feel comfortable doing solo.

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