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Exercise in how hot you think you are

September 26, 2009

A guy I met in improv class posted on my Facebook wall: “You look just like the soldier’s wife in the HBO series Rome, that’s a compliment.”  I’ve never seen, nor heard of, the show.  Of course my narcissistic hunger led me to the show’s website to see to whom he was referring, and make sure she’s a stunning beauty who radiates intelligence, creativity and wit.

Hmmmm.   A lot to choose from and none of them jump out  as being my reflection.  So I narrow down the selection –

  1. He said “soldier’s wife” so that eliminates the males
  2. Red-heads and blondes are out

That leaves six and I still don’t know.  Leaves me no other choice but to rank them in order of “hotness,” with the last woman standing, the hot one, obviously being me.

  1. Cleopatra
  2. Vorena
  3. Jocasta
  4. Eirene
  5. Niobe
  6. Gaia

Gaia is good-looking.  Not sure I see the resemblance.  But here’s to hoping the world does!  Yea superficiality.

UPDATE > Steve was referring to Niobe.  Looking back at our improv scenes, I’m in total awe, considering I was improving with a blind person!

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