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Other Sites I Like

Bike Fancy: people who look good on bikes

CRAVE Chicago: spotlighting, connecting, and supporting female-entrepreneurs and those who love them!

Fete in France: event planning for foreigners in France

Debbie Hillman: food consultant and policy-maker

Jason Reblando: photographer

KimDesigns: graphic designer who donated all her services to Fear Experiment

Let’s Go Ride A Bike: two girls and their bikes

Marconi Digital Media Club: blog by some of my 4th-6th grade students; if you like adorable, you’ll like this; their first time as bloggers!

Niccola Yoga: yoga teacher

poo poo corner: a girl and her random thoughts

Septic’s Companion: dictionary of British Slang words and phrases, written by a Scotsman living in America

snails are good for the environment too: a collection of essays, stories, fictions, subtleties, personal/political disclosure, and poetry

TeamPete: corporate improv, beer & bikes, creative events

The Art of Non-Conformity: a home for unconventional people doing remarkable things

Vaughnda Johnson: artist extraordinaire

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  1. August 12, 2010 8:52 AM

    I am touched! I read and like you too!

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